Fewer things are more personal than our homes. They reflect our sense of style, our hobbies, and our interests. I enjoy enhancing the decor inside a home that mean so much to us.

Contact me and let’s make your home as HGTV-worthy as can be. 

Show everyone where your heart is on this Michigan-shaped cutout from rustic pallet wood with a red heart over your hometown. After all, home is where the heart is!

Remember your memorable travels with a personalized serving tray, this one is MAUI.

An anodized aluminum and hardwood shelf—perfect for a gym, business, or home workspace. Colors and logos can be added to match your business or sense of style.

A personalized map or scene engraved on wood with decorative metal location name. This piece was made using Russian birch plywood.

Upgrade your kitchen or bar with a wine rack that can be designed for any space. The example here was made from Michigan oak.