My personal passion for fitness has lead me to pursue designing and creating functional, branded equipment for local gyms and fitness centers.

I have created custom pieces for CrossFit TreeTown, Mitten Fitness and Dexter Crossfit, Crossfit Kensington Valley, Lily Weightlifting, and Ann Arbor Functional Fitness. This included new nine- and ten-foot wall ball targets with the TreeTown logo, peg boards, barbell plates with custom weights, an outdoor bicycle rack, and more. 

Contact me—I would love to talk fitness and custom designs with you!

Peg boards are hard to master, but I can easily create one in custom dimensions to fit your space—and even your logo!

A spinning pull-up bar can help your gym members improve grip strength and wrist range of motion. These are customizable with colors to fit your brand and logo.

These position plates are great for rehabbing and new athletes. Their light yet durable construction helps athletes with proper bar and body position.

Wall ball targets are another great place for your gym logo! These targets are built to withstand hard, repetitive use without looking clunky.

Here’s another wall ball target design prominently featuring the gym’s logo.

Made of heavy-duty quality aluminum—anodized with your favorite color, of course!—fat grip bars like these are quintessential for athletes working on improved grip strength and wrist mobility.

A welded steel frame makes for durable and elegant-looking equipment storage.

Custom-made yoke carry, used for additional mobility workouts.

Here are spacer plates for children. I can engrave them with their name and any personalized motivational design. Who says you can’t grow stronger with flare and style?

If your members ride their bikes to your gym, why not give them the added perk of a sleek-looking bike rack? Also another great place to have your logo outside where people will notice.

I can build plate storage racks and posts for any nook or cranny so you can maximize the floor space in your gym.

The hip bridge is an underutilized movement foundational to improvement of all lifts, and this swivel shoulder pad with foot rest augments the hip bridge movement. For banded exercises, band pegs are welded on. 

The sissy squat machine—named after the mythical Greek king who must have had killer quads from rolling that heavy stone up the mountain so much—is ideal for leg strength building. And I can make one, just for you!

Benches don’t have to be boring. Why not have your gym logo imprinted into the bench fabric?

Beginner change plates just don’t get any cuter. Or fiercer, depending on your customization!