A business’s sign is its first chance to welcome customers and invite them in. With my instinct for design, I can craft an eye-catching sign for your business or non profit. I’m happy to work with existing logos, or we can work together to create something completely original.

Contact me and see how a well-designed sign can engage with customers on first glance.

Lakeland Acupuncturist chose a solid wood sign with their brand’s font and needle motif. Company-specific colors can be used to fill in any engraved lines and spaces.

Kane & Bloem wanted the industrial mix of wood and metal in their sign. Again, brushed and anodized aluminium was used on top of pallet wood. The different aluminium treatments against the raw wood give this sign depth and texture.

Thrive Chiropractic’s sign was created with reused pallet wood combined with brushed and anodized aluminium. This combination gives the sign a soft and warm, as well as shiny, look and feel.

I created an interior sign for the lobby of A2FF, a local gym in Ann Arbor. The sign is brushed aluminum that was anodized to create the black spaces.

The clean lines of the Asian Healing Traditions logo really pops on their aluminium sign thanks to the dark color of the anodization process. This sign is very durable and corrosion resistant—which is always a plus when dealing with Michigan’s weather.

This new sign for CrossFit Dexter brings in a blue, textured highlight to its entryway.